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Head Girl

2nd Oct 2018

Hello, I am Laura Parker and I feel privileged to say that I have been selected to be Head Girl at Rathfriland High School for this year. I hope to take on this role with determination and enthusiasm and to enjoy every moment of doing so.

For me, being selected as Head Girl was an unexpected surprise, but it is role which I am excited to take on and I hope that I can fulfil it to the best of my ability. I will strive to show my passion for Rathfriland High School as I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. Rathfriland High School has provided me with a range of opportunities and has definitely shaped and influenced me to become the person I am today. I have met some amazing people, learned numerous new skills and made memories which will last long after I finish school at the end of this academic year.

When I started High School, I was quite shy and lacked confidence; I felt apprehensive of what lay ahead. However, throughout my time here, Rathfriland High has supported me in overcoming many challenges and developed my skills and confidence. This is why I want to ensure that I represent the school to the best of my ability as Head Girl.

It is sad to acknowledge that this is my final year, but I hope this year will bring as much happiness as every other year has for me. I will embrace every opportunity and challenge that the role of Head Girl presents and I will try my utmost to maintain the high standards set throughout the years by previous Head Girls. With the ongoing support of staff and peers, I am hopeful that I can achieve grades to set me on the path to where I want to be once my time at Rathfriland High School ends.