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Year 10 take part in the Act of Remembrance at Schomberg House Belfast

14th Nov 2016

On Friday 11th November RHS year 10 pupils were privileged to be asked to take part in an Act of Remembrance at Schomberg House Belfast. Adam Laffin and Lauren Spiers represented the school and laid a wreath on our behalf, they did so with dignity and decorum. The remainder of the group took part in the hymns, prayer and 2 minutes silence observed to remember our of our fallen heroes including those in the Orange Order of whom there were many. This was a particularly poignant year to be attending as it is the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of the Somme and we are very grateful to Education Officer David Scott, Museum Curator Dr Jonathan Mattison and the Schomberg Society for inviting us.

After the Act of Remembrance we were able to avail of a tour of The Orange Heritage Museum in which pupils learned about the history of the Orange Order, Battle of the Boyne, The Somme Offensive and indeed our own war at home –The Troubles. This was informative and very applicable to the Year 10 History Course of Study. The Orange Heritage Society kindly donated educational books and DVDs to R.H.S. as well as covering our museum entrance fees and transport costs for the day so we would publicly like to thank them for this generous gift and wonderful opportunity.

A thank you must also go to the pupils themselves for their behaviour and attitude on what was a most respectful day. The Grandmaster and Deputy Grandmaster of the Orange Order commented on the appropriate etiquette and outstanding manners of our pupils which makes us very proud!

Our trip was about paying our respects to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in the many conflicts that make up our history. A very importance message was given and reinforced to us by the members of the Orange Order that we met – Wear your poppy with pride, poppies do not pick sides. David Scott finished by with an instruction to the pupils “do not forget to remember.”

I think that message speaks to us all. Lest we forget…